Zawadi MOBI 500 Portable Solar Generator

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      Zawadi MOBI 500 Portable Solar Generator

      Whether for practical or leisure purposes, the Zawadi MOBI 500 offers more than enough power. Delivering up to 500 watts, it can power small appliances and digital devices for hours. Even better, you have three ways to charge this portable power generator. Plus, it comes with a 65-watt foldable solar panel--perfect for when you’re off the grid. Whether you’re at home or on the road, you can be confident that the Zawadi MOBI 500 horse power needs covered.


      500 WATT OUTPUT — The Zawadi MOBI 500 can power most small household appliances such as electric fans, LED TVs, and lighting. It can also recharge devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops.

      3-WAY CHARGING — Wherever you are, there’s always a way to charge your Zawadi MOBI 500. It comes with a home charger that lets you hook your unit up to any power socket. If you’re on the road, a 12V DC charger allows you to charge the unit directly from your car battery.

      SOLAR POWERED — The MOBI 500 also comes with a 65-watt foldable solar panel, so you can top up your generator even if you’re off the grid.

      ONBOARD BLUETOOTH SPEAKER — No need to buy a separate speaker—the Zawadi MOBI 500 comes with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Just connect your device and enjoy great music.

      LED LIGHTS — If you’re off the grid, you can also use the built-in LED lamps to get much-needed illumination.

      MULTIPLE USB PORTS — Charge several devices simultaneously thanks to the multi-port USB hub.There’s also a 60W Type-C USB port that you can use to power higher-wattage devices like laptops.

      MULTI-POWER OUTLETS — The portable generator comes with two power outlets for more versatile use.The two 120V AC outlets can output up to 500 watts, making them perfect for powering appliances. The three 12V DC output ports are ideal for auxiliary items like gadgets and devices.

      PRACTICAL AND LEISURE USE — The Zawadi MOBI 500 is ideal whether you’re holding a tailgate party,powering everyday appliances, or bringing energy access to far-flung communities.

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